Reading list: Speaking Freely

In an interesting little piece on First Things that I just got around to reading, Carl Trueman relates a story from Speaking Freely by Nat Hentoff about a politician who was very pro-life until he decided to run for president and abruptly switched sides. I won’t spoil the name of the politician – you can go read the story yourself.

Trueman’s praise for the book, though, makes me want to read it myself. Trueman says

I first came across his work when I emigrated in 2001 and bought on a whim a remaindered copy of his autobiography, Speaking Freely. Little did I know that his love (and mine) of freedom of speech in the civic sphere would soon be jeopardized by those who fail to understand—or perhaps who understand just too well—that free speech means the right of my bitterest opponents to articulate their most reprehensible views in the public square.

Of course, my to-read list is miles long and I might never get to this one. So I’m starting a new category of blog posts, where I tell you about a book I want to read (along with maybe a little bit of why I want to read it) and then if you read it you can tell me if it’s worth it. Deal? Deal.


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