A proposition is not the same thing as a proposal

Originally published June 22, 2009, on Facebook’s “Notes” feature (which is getting harder and harder to find, hence the move to this platform instead).

So there’s this guy who, every so often, comes into the restaurant where I work. He’s a friend of the owners, and he gets his food for free, but he doesn’t really speak english. This makes it hard when I’m taking the orders, but I smile and use my 3 words of spanish and we usually get his order right.

But tonight, as I was picking up the indoor seating area, he had other things on his mind besides food. In his fractured english, he asked if I lived with my Mama and Papa. No, I said, they are in Albuquerque.

You all by yourself? No, I live with a roommate, a friend. Here.

You have babies at your house? No, I only have one sister, all grown up.

But you. You have babies? I laugh, No!

But por que no? Oh, I laugh again, Lots of reasons … ….

He looks at me and smiles “Una noche!”


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